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Technoform Thermal Isolator Clip


Technoform offers an array of unrivalled custom and standard thermally efficient plastic solutions for fenestration and opaque wall systems across the globe. Our unique high-precision extrusion process enables us to form the most complex plastics — including those typically only suitable for injection molding. 


Since our foundation as a family business in 1969, we have remained independent and living our promise: putting our customers’ needs at the center of our ambitions. Knowing what drives customers and markets, we develop leading solutions collaboratively. We are always close to you and quick at making decisions where they matter most. Building on flexible and local networks worldwide, we provide the right team at the right time. Thanks to five decades of experience, you can rely on the best package of quality, quantity, time, and price.


We are a people-to-people company. People with a passion for plastics solutions. That’s how we understand our part. So when you think plastics, think Technoform.  So, let’s talk solutions, together.

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Technoform Thermal Isolator Clip Installed on test wall

Technoform Thermal Isolator Clip

Technoform Thermal Isolator Clip

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