Curved Trims and Flashings

Roof & wall flashings or trims can be supplied in galvanized, pre-coated steel or aluminum, and are used for sealing the building envelope after the cladding has been installed to areas such as window heads, jambs, sills, inside and outside corners, base walls or parapet caps.

NovaTech standard length of flashings and trims is 120" long and we are able to provide you with any width you require up to 48" wide.

Our flashings can be bent to any size or shape you require, and include curved flashings for buildings with curved eaves.

Material Types:

Aluminum: .032" and .040"
Steel: 24 gauge and 22 gauge
Material can be purchased and supplied by NovaTech or provided by our customer

NovaTech Material Suppliers are:

Petersen Aluminum Corp.
Phoenix Metals
Metal Tech USA

Specialty Profiles:

Curved Variable Termination Trim
Curved Counter Flashing
Curved Parapet Rake Flashing
Curved Rake Clips
Curved Rake Cleats
Curved Box Rake Trim
Curved Box Gutter
Curved Base or Soffit "J" Trim
Curved Base Flashing
Curved Copings
Curved Step Flashing
Curved Fascias
Custom Profile and Assemblies

Note: Please inquire for profile and pricing confirmation

Minimum Radius: Certain material types and profiles can be curved down to a 7' - 0" radius. Please Inquire

Powder Coating Services Available

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