Pro-Seam Mitered/Formed Panel Corner

NovaTech's Pro-Seam corners use cutting edge structural bonding techniques to produce corners that appear virtually seamless. Manufactured from the same metal substrate coil as the panels, Pro-Seam Corners employ no welding and no pop rivets. Like all NovaTech panels, they are fully tested for performance.

*   Insulated and non-Insulated panels up to 3" deep
*   Vertical and Horizontal panels
*   Flat, Smooth, Embossed or Profile Panel Widths or Modules up to 36"
*   Material can be purchased and supplied by ProFab or provided by our customer
*   Services include factory notching, bending and touch-up of all panels
*   Touch-Up paint to be supplied by customer or direct from panel maufacturer

*   + / - 90 degrees
*   Inside Corners
*   Outside Corners
*   Double Corners
*   Corner Leg Dimensions up to 4' - 0"  in either direction

To download the NovaTech Pro-Seam Corner Pricing Chart (Click Here)

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